Turtle Bridge

Turtle Bridge
System Game & Watch (Wide Screen)
Developer Nintendo
Genre Action

Help the tourist carry his luggage from the left side of the lake to the person stood on the bank at the right by jumping on the backs of turtles. However, fish rise from the bottom of the lake and the turtles will dive to catch them.

You score 3 points for each piece of luggage you deliver, and between 2 and 12 points are awarded when you reach the left bank depending on how long it took you. If you reach 200 and 500 points without falling in the lake once then Chance Time begins, where no fish will rise for a short time.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan タートルブリッジ Turtle Bridge 01 Feb 1982
US Turtle Bridge 01 Feb 1982
Europe Turtle Bridge 01 Feb 1982

Also available to play in:

Game Boy Color Game & Watch Gallery 3

Game Modes

Game A

Fish rise up for the two turtles on the left and the two turtles on the right, but the center turtle does not dive (note that if you do not deliver any luggage for 2 minutes then fish will rise up for the center turtle as well).

Game B

Fish will rise up for all five turtles.