System Game & Watch (Silver)
Developer Nintendo
Genre Action

Moles are digging up the garden. Help the puppet hit them with his mallets.

When a mole is going to appear, the ground begins to swell and move towards one of the holes in the ground. Move your puppet left and right to line the mallets up with the mole hole, so when the mole appears it is knocked on the head. If you miss 3 moles then the game will end.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan γƒγƒΌγƒŸγƒ³ Vermin 10 Jul 1980
US Vermin 10 Jul 1980
Europe Vermin 10 Jul 1980


System Japan U.S. Europe
DSiWare 15 Jul 2009 05 Apr 2010 09 Apr 2010

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Game Modes

Game A

Moles appear out of four holes. You score 1 point for each mole hit.

Game B

Moles appear out of all five holes, including the center hole. You score 1 point for each mole hit.