Custom Robo

Custom Robo
System Nintendo 64
Developer Noise
Genre Action / RPG
Series Custom Robo Series

It's your birthday and you have received a miniature robot named Ray, your very first Custom Robo. The Custom Robos are modifiable battle robots used in battle arenas. You set out to become a Custom Robo master.

In the Tournament Mode, you have to find opponents to battle Ray against. When you find an opponent, the game switches from isometric RPG to a 3D battle arena, where you have to move your Robo around, shooting the opponent's Robo to reduce their HP to zero. If you win, you receive money and parts for your Robo.

You can customise your Robo's Arm Cannon, Bomb, Pod and Legs and save it to the N64 Memory Pak for multiplayer battles.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan カスタムロボ Custom Robo 08 Dec 1999