Excitebike 64

Excitebike 64
System Nintendo 64
Developer Left Field
Genre Motocross Racing
Series Excitebike Series

Motocross bike racing game. Choose one of the motocross racers, each with their own racing stats, and race around various dirt tracks. Win races and cups to unlock more courses.

Your bike comes equipped with a turbo, but if used for too long then your engine burns out and you lose speed. You can perform stunts and tricks to earn bonus points.

Aside from the main cups, you can also take part in a free-roaming desert race to reach targets first, a soccer games played on bikes, and even a 3D recreation of tracks from the original Excitebike on NES.

Release Information

Region Name Release
US Excitebike 64 02 May 2000
Japan エキサイトバイク64 Excitebike 64 23 Jun 2000
Europe Excitebike 64 08 Jun 2001


Classic Excitebike

Classic Excitebike

You can unlock the original NES Excitebike by beating the Training Mode. You can also unlock an extra mode called "Excite 3D" which features courses from the original Excitebike in the Excitebike 64 3D engine.

Submitted by Fryguy64

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