Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini
System Nintendo 64
Developer Rare
Genre Action / Adventure

Juno, Vela and their mascot dog Lupus are Jet Force Gemini, a team of warriors who travel the galaxy policing the insect armies of Mizar. However, the tyrant has grown more powerful, and when his forces board the Jet Force Gemini ship, the trio are forced to flee to the planet of Goldwood, home of the Tribals.

You start out as Juno, but you can free Vela and Lupus during the game. Each character uses different weapons and abilities, allowing them to explore different areas of each planet.

Most areas require you to destroy all of Mizar's forces to proceed using a variety of weapons and upgrades. You also take part in side missions, such as rescuing Tribals or Floyd races.

Release Information

Region Name Release
US Jet Force Gemini 10 Oct 1999
Europe Jet Force Gemini 11 Nov 1999
Japan スターツインズ Star Twins 01 Dec 1999


Mr. Pants

On Rare's website, the webmaster needed a character to appear on the questionnaire page. Unable to get hold of a render, Leigh Loveday (the website maintainer) created Mr. Pants - a stickman wearing a pair of red underpants and a bowler hat. He became so well known through the website that he started making cameos, including two in this game.

Screenshot Required

Ants Into Pants

Collect 300 ant heads to unlock the "Ants Into Pants" cheat. This changes all of the basic ant drones into crude 3D models of Mr. Pants.

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Mr. Pants Hieroglyph

On the planet Tawfret, one of the hieroglyphs depicts Mr. Pants.

Submitted by Fryguy64

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