Mario Party 2

Mario Party 2
System Nintendo 64
Developer Hudson Soft
Genre Party Game
Series Super Mario Series

Mario and his friends have discovered a new island and are arguing after which of them it should be named. Toad suggests that they all take part in another Mario Party to decide.

Each board in this game is themed, including spacemen, pirates and holidays. The characters dress up for each board. Roll a dice to decide how many space to move and once everyone has taken their turn, they are split into teams for a minigame. Win the minigames to earn Coins, used to buy Stars from Toad on the board. The player with the most Stars at the end of the game wins.

You can pay Boo to steal Coins or Stars, buy items from Toad to change the rules, or find Bowser to change the game board itself.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan マリオパーティ2 Mario Party 2 17 Dec 1999
US Mario Party 2 24 Jan 2000
Europe Mario Party 2 13 Oct 2000


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii Virtual Console 02 Nov 2010 20 Dec 2010 24 Dec 2010
Wii U Virtual Console 30 Mar 2016 - -