Donkey Kong Jr. Math

Donkey Kong Jr. Math
System NES
Developer Nintendo
Genre Education
Series Donkey Kong Series

A math learning game starring characters from the arcade game Donkey Kong Jr.

Calculate is a game for two players, Donkey Kong holds up a number and the players must compete to gather numbers and calculation symbols in order to reach that total. In Calculate B, the numbers may also be large or minus numbers.

Math Exercise is a one player game where players are given a series of problems and have to work out the answers. Get them all correct to win the game.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ドンキーコングJrの算数遊び Donkey Kong Jr. no Sansū Asobi 12 Dec 1983
US Donkey Kong Jr. Math Oct 1985
Europe Donkey Kong Jr. Math 1986


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii Virtual Console 27 Mar 2007 03 Dec 2007 20 Apr 2007
Wii U Virtual Console 15 Apr 2015 28 Aug 2014 22 Jan 2015

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