Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt
System NES
Developer Nintendo
Genre Light Gun
Series Duck Hunt Series

Duck Hunt is a shooting game that requires the NES Zapper. Shoot the ducks out of the sky and your faithful hunting dog will fetch them for you. Alternatively, why not take part in a spot of clay pigeon shooting?

A second player can join in by controlling the ducks while the first player tries to shoot them down.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ダックハント Duck Hunt 21 Apr 1984
US Duck Hunt Oct 1985
Europe Duck Hunt 1987


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii U Virtual Console 24 Dec 2014 25 Dec 2014 25 Dec 2014

Ports & Remakes

Arcade VS. Duck Hunt

Also available to play in:

NES Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt
NES Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt + World Class Track Meet

Game Modes

Game A

Duck Hunt Game A

A duck flies around in the sky and you have to shoot it down. You only have three shots for each duck, and a limited time to hit it before it flies away. The bullets you have remaining at the end of a round will be tallied up for bonus points. Different coloured ducks move at different speeds.

Game B

Duck Hunt Game B

The rules are the same as Game A, only there are two ducks you have to shoot down. You still only have three bullets to clear them both.

Clay Shooting

Clay Shooting

Clay Pigeons are fired over your head into the distance, and you have to hit them out of the sky with three shots. In later rounds the clay pigeons move faster.