EarthBound Beginnings

System Famicom
Developer Ape
Genre RPG
Series EarthBound (Mother) Series

A young boy named Ninten is woken up when a poltergeist haunts his home on the outskirts of Podunk. All of the evil in the world is being amplified by the presence of an alien being known as Giegue. Ninten learns that in order to fight Giegue he will have to find the eight melodies, located around the land.

Along the way, Ninten meets new friends who help you fight, including Ana, Loid and Teddy.

By fighting enemies you gain experience that you need to level up and become stronger. Ninten and his teammates can gain new weapons and learn PSI powers to make them stronger.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan Mother 27 Jul 1989


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii U Virtual Console 15 Jun 2015 14 Jun 2015 15 Jun 2015

Also available to play in:

Game Boy Advance Mother 1+2


DraQue4 & SMB7

Commander Samusun

One of the kids in Twinkle Elementary School asks whether you have played Dragon Quest 4 (shortened to DraQue), an RPG by Enix that wasn't released until the February after Mother's release.

In the translated but unreleased U.S. version on NES, the boy's line was changed to asking whether you've played the fictional Super Mario Bros. 7, as he is still playing Super Mario Bros. 3.

Submitted by Deezer, MEGAߥTE

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