Famicom Mukashi Banashi: Shin Onigashima

Famicom Mukashi Banashi: Shin Onigashima
System Famicom Disk System
Developer Nintendo, Pax Softnica
Genre Adventure
Series Famicom Mukashi Banashi Series

In Nagakushi village, an elderly couple are entrusted to watch over two special children as they grow up. When the children turn eight, soulless Oni appear across Japan, stealing souls to feed to the dragon known as the Avatar of Darkness. When the Oni steal the souls of their guardians, they set out to rescue them.

As they cross the land to reach the island of Onigashima, they will meet new allies and face dangerous enemies as they discover the truth about their past.

The game was released on the Famicom Disk System on two disks, sold separately.

Release Information

Region Name Disk 1 Disk 2
Japan ふぁみこんむかし話 新・鬼ヶ島 Famicom Mukashi Banashi: Shin Onigashima 04 Sep 1987 30 Sep 1987


System Japan U.S. Europe
Classic NES Series (GBA) 10 Aug 2004 - -
Wii Virtual Console 19 Jun 2007 - -
Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console 05 Jun 2013 - -
Wii U Virtual Console 18 Sep 2013 - -

Also available to play in:

Super Famicom Heisei: Shin Onigashima

How to Play

The screen is divided up with your menu of actions across the bottom of the screen, a dialogue window on the left and a graphic window on the top right. The text windows are set out like scrolls and will adjust size automatically depending on the situation.

Your menu of options constantly changes based on the situation. In order to progress through the game, you have to use the functions in the menu to find items, talk to characters, move to another location, and more. You can switch between Donbe and Hikari, each providing different actions and dialogue, although at times you can only play one of them at a time.

It is possible for your characters to die by making a wrong move, leading to you restarting the chapter. In some cases, you have to ensure that your characters are properly equipped for the obstacles ahead, so dying is almost inevitable.

The game is divided into 9 chapters, with 4 on the first disk and a further 5 on the second disk. The game is saved at the end of each chapter by switching back to the first disk.



A two-part English walkthrough for Shin Onigashima, including complete instructions, directions and main plot points.