How to Play

Nintendo's graphical adventure games are among the least-familiar to Western audiences. First of all the language barrier prevents most players from enjoying the games as they were meant to be played, but on top of that, hammering random options will eventually lead to frustration and a Game Over.

Miho Nakayama's Tokimeki Highschool is the shortest of Nintendo's graphical adventure games, but it's one of the hardest to play through thanks largely to the dating scenes, the expressions mode, and the three different endings you can get.

This walkthrough provides step-by-step instructions on playing through the game, including how to get all three endings.

Game Screen

The game screen is split into four main areas: The Graphic Box, the Menu, the Dialogue and the Expression.

Image of the game screen

The position of the four elements on the game screen.

When you select an item from the menu, you either receive Dialogue or interact with the Graphic Box. In the case of move, the contents of the Graphic Box will change as you move to another scene.


The Expression box doesn't come into play until later in the game. When talking to Miho you will be presented with various options, and after selecting an option, you may be prompted to choose an expression. Saying the right thing with the wrong expression may end the game.

Normal Happy Angry Sad Scared Lustful
Normal Happy Angry Sad Scared Lustful

1. Getting Started

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool

File Select

From the title screen, press START to go to the main menu. If you want to start a new game, select "NEW", or if you want to continue a saved game, select "CONTINUE". The other options are for the Data Fax competitions and are no longer used.

Once you have entered your name (four hiragana characters only), select "END" to start the game.

Tokimeki Highschool

You arrive at Tokimeki Highschool for your first day. You're nervous about making new friends, but excited as well.

  1. Press A to enter the school.
  2. Change to Disk Side B

2. Meeting Mizuho Takayama

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool


You arrive in class. A boy next to you introduces himself as Sadakichi.

  1. (Look/Examine) – point at the boy (Sadakichi) and press A
  2. (Talk) to Sadakichi

Sadakichi is also a fan of Miho Nakayama, and he gives you a phone number for her fan hotline: 03-540-0000

  1. (Talk) to Sadakichi
  2. (Move)

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool


In the corridor, you bump into a girl and she drops something on the ground. You catch a glimpse of her before she leaves and she looks almost exactly like idol Miho Nakayama.

  1. (Look/Examine) – point at the item the girl dropped
  2. (Take) – point at the item the girl dropped (Mascot)

Sadakichi joins you in the corridor. Three excitable girls suddenly appear

  1. (Talk) to Sadakichi

Sadakichi tells you they are Erika's groupies, known as the Typhoon Trio. Their arrival means a terrible storm is coming. With that, Erika arrives.

  1. (Talk) to Erika
  2. (Talk) to Erika
  3. (Move)

As you try to leave, the rich jock Masaomi appears and blocks your path.

  1. (Talk) to Masaomi

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool

Without saying a word to you, Masaomi leaves. Erika's groupies chatter about Masaomi and then leave as well.

  1. (Talk) to Sadakichi
  2. (Peek)

Sadakichi lets you peek into the classroom where the girls are getting changed. Suddenly, the girl you bumped into earlier returns.

  1. (Talk) to girl
  2. (Give) (Mascot)

The girl introduces herself as Mizuho and thanks you for returning her mascot.

3. Revealing Mizuho's Identity

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool


You head home, thinking about Mizuho. As usual, your older brother is moping around the house.

  1. (Talk) to your brother

Your brother tells you he's doing a photoshoot for Miho Nakayama, and he gives you a phone number 045-952-0010. Back at school you talk with Sadakichi about this development. When you get home again, you receive another phone number: 06-700-2000. Your brother isn't there any more, but there is a photo on the table.

  1. (Look/Examine) – point at the photograph on the table
  2. (Take) – point at the photograph on the table

It's a photo of Miho Nakayama that your brother must have taken. She's holding something in the picture.

  1. (Look/Examine) – point at the mascot in her hand

It's the small rabbit mascot you returned to Mizuho in school.


Back in the classroom, you tell Sadakichi that Mizuho is Miho Nakayama.

  1. (Talk) to Sadakichi
  2. (Move)


  1. (Move)

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool

The Vice Principal appears in your path, sweating and nervous.

  1. (Look/Examine) – point at the vice principal's necktie
  2. (Look/Examine) – point at the vice principal's necktie

After embarassing the Vice Principal, he leaves and you continue to music class.

  1. (Move)

The Principal appears and has a friendly conversation with you before leaving again.

  1. (Move)
  2. Switch to Disk Side A

Music Room

In the music class Mizuho/Miho is there. You have to let her know that you discovered her secret.

  1. (Call Out) to (Takayama-san)
  2. Switch to Disk Side B

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool

This is your first conversation with Miho. Two options appear at the bottom of the screen and you have to select the correct one from the menu. Rough translations of the correct options have been given.

  1. Select Answer B: "I'd like to talk to you."
  2. Select Answer A: "I've just transferred here."
  3. Select Answer A: "I'd like it if we could be friends."
  4. Select Answer B: "This mascot strongly resembles yours."

This last comment makes Miho angry. You explain that your brother is a photographer and you got the photo from him. You apologise and she accepts, and agrees to walk home with you after school.

4. Split Path (For Red Ribbon Endings)

There are two variants on the "Red Ribbon" (good) ending to the game. A single decision taken in this part of the game determines which of the two outcomes you receive.

In the corridor, Erika and her groupies show up to talk to you and leave laughing. Masaomi also appears and talks about Erika briefly before moving on in his pretentious way.

  1. Either (Wait) three times or (Move).

If you select Wait, skip to 5. Asking for a Date. If you select Move, continue with this section before moving on to part 5.

Classroom (If you select "Move")

Sadakichi tells you about his motorbike and asks if you'll help him clean it sometime.

  1. (Give) to Sadakichi
  2. (Give) to Sadakichi
  3. (Talk) > (Help)

After offering to help, you return to the corridor.

5. Asking for a Date

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool


Miho appears, ready to walk home. You will have another conversation with her as you walk.

  1. (Move)
  2. Select Answer B: "I don't often walk home with girls."
  3. Select Answer A: "What do you mean?"
  4. Select Answer B: "I work hard."
  5. Select Answer B: "Sorry, I didn't mean that..."
  6. Select Answer B: "Walking home with you is great."
  7. Select Answer B: "Would you like to walk to school tomorrow?"
  8. Select Answer B: "What are you doing on Sunday?"

For the final answer you only get one option (A), but you also have to choose an expression.

  1. Select Answer A: ".....Would you like to go on a date?" (Normal Expression)

Miho agrees to go on a date with you on Sunday!

6. Escaping Erika's Mansion

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool


You arrive home, a little dazed from getting a date with Miho Nakayama. However, you don't get long to enjoy it - three big men in black suits appear and kidnap you.

Erika's Mansion

You wake up in the dining room of a huge mansion. Erika's groupies are sat behind a large dining table and Erika appears in a white dress.

  1. (Talk) to Erika
  2. Answer YES to "Does this dress suit me?"
  3. Answer A or B to "Would you like some tea?"
  4. Answer YES to "Will you go out with me?"
  5. Answer C (Refuse) to "Would you like some tea?"

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool

A plate of roast chicken is placed on the dining table.

  1. (Take) – point at the roast chicken
  2. (Escape)

You manage to get away, but as you run through the grounds of Erika's mansion, she sets her guard dog Alex on you.

  1. (Use) (Chicken)

With the dog distracted, you manage to get away as Erika shouts after you.

7. Apology

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool


You arrive at the cafe for your date, but Mizuho doesn't show up.


You go home, distraught. Your brother is there.

  1. (Talk) to your brother

Your brother gives you the phone number 06-790-1313. You go over everything that's happened in your mind and decide to try and meet with Miho to clear up the misunderstanding about Erika and make things right.

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool


You arrive at the cafe and Miho is there (no longer in disguise). This is a full conversation with up to four answer options, and you have to select the correct expression to proceed. If you make one slip-up then you get a Game Over and return to the beginning of the cafe scene.

  1. Answer D: "......" (Angry face)
  2. Answer A: "Idiot..." (Normal face)
  3. Answer A: "It's a long story!" (Normal face)
  4. Answer A: "YES" (Normal face)
  5. Answer B: "Do you understand how I feel?" (Normal face)

With that, the misunderstanding is cleared up and you become friends again. A mysterious man appears in the doorway of the cafe.

  1. (Look/Examine)

The mysterious man disappears when he realises he's been spotted. Miho is worried, so you have to put her at ease.

  1. Answer C: "You'll be safe if you stay with me."
  2. Answer A: "Don't worry any more."
  3. Answer A: "Shall I do my thing?"
  4. Answer A: "What is your favourite type?"

8. The Date

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool


Overjoyed, you return home and tell your brother.

  1. (Talk) to your brother

He gives you another phone number: 045-784-5311.

  1. (Talk) to your brother
  2. (Move)

After listening to your brother's advice on dating, you head out to get Miho a present before meeting for your date.


Miho arrives ready for your date and asks what you'd like to do.

  1. Answer C: "Cinema"
  2. Answer B: "Stand By Miho"

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool


In the cinema, you only see Miho in a conversation window. Using your brother's advice, you decide to make your move.

  1. (Talk) to Miho
  2. Answer B: "You can talk during the movie."
  3. (Give) (Present)
  4. (Hold hands)
  5. (Hold shoulder)
  6. (Kiss)

Miho wasn't ready for a kiss and it doesn't go well. The men in suits appear and the date comes to an end.

9. Finding the Sweater

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool


At home you talk to your mother. She says she has a message for you, but can't remember where she put it.

  1. (Talk) to your mother
  2. (Look/Examine) – point to your mother's apron string between the bow and the front

She remembers that it was in her apron pocket and gives you the phone number 011-512-4000.


At school, knowledge of your escape from Erika's and your date with Miho has spread around school. All of the students, the Principal and Vice Principal appear to talk to you.

  1. Change to Disk Side A.

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool

Music Room

If you listened to the clues on the phone, there is a hidden key in the music room.

  1. (Strike) – point to the far right side of the piano keys
  2. (Look/Examine) – point to the ridge above the right side of the piano keys (where the piano lid rests)
  3. (Take) – point to the ridge above the right side of the piano keys to get the locker key
  4. (Move)

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool

Locker Room

The key is for one of the lockers, but first you have to work out which locker is the right one.

  1. (Look/Examine) – point to the locker at the bottom, second from the right
  2. (Use) (Locker Key)
  3. (Take) – point to the blue bag in the locker
  4. (View Inventory) (Blue Bag)
  5. (View Inventory) (Knitted Sweater)

The knitted sweater that was in the blue bag has a phone number on it: 011-222-6600.

  1. (Move)
  2. Change to Disk Side B

10. The End

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool


It's Christmas Eve, and you are meeting Miho at the cafe.

  1. (View Inventory) (Knitted Sweater)

The waitress appears and gives you a message from Miho that she's running late.

  1. (Order)
  2. (Drink)
  3. (Order)
  4. (Drink)
  5. (Order)
  6. (Drink)

Miho Nakayama's Heartthrob Highschool

Miho appears and explains that she was at rehearsal. You enter a conversation scene. Choose the right answers and expressions or you receive a Game Over.

  1. Answer B: "It's delightful, but it's hopeless." (Angry face)
  2. Answer A: "But I've been glad to really meet you." (Normal face)
  3. Answer B: "Are you saying you're not sure?" (Normal face)

From this point in the conversation you get one of the two endings depending on your answer.

Blue Ribbon (Bad) Ending

  1. Answer A: "Of course I love you!" (Normal face)
  2. Answer B: "We should go our separate ways." (Sad face)

Red Ribbon (Good) Ending

  1. Answer B: "Truthfully... I don't like you." (Normal face)
  2. Answer A: "Sorry, I mean to say I love you!" (Sad face)
  3. Answer B: "We should go our separate ways." (Sad face)
  4. (Listen to selfishness)


The two endings are entirely dependent on the final conversation with Miho.

Blue Ribbon Ending

If you straight up tell Miho that you love her, then the scene moves back to the corridor at school. Your classmates all talk and you receive the phone number 092-781-9900.

As soon as your classmates finish, you get a scene of Miho on stage singing, and the game ends.

Blue Ribbon Ending

Miho dances on stage and the game ends.

When you return to your save file, a gift box wrapped in blue ribbon appears.

Red Ribbon Ending

If you tell Miho you don't like her first, then correct yourself to say you love her, the scene cuts to a snowy city, where Miho and the hero kiss in front of a building with lights shaped like a Christmas tree.

Red Ribbon Ending

Miho and the hero kiss.

The scene changes to your classmates all talking (as in the Blue Ribbon ending) and you get phone number 092-585-3001.

You agree to meet Miho on a rooftop. Don't select any options and the sky will eventually go red and Miho will appear, once again disguised as Mizuho. As you talk, hundreds of press and fans suddenly appear and give chase. You run, but Miho trips over.

Red Ribbon Ending Red Ribbon Ending Red Ribbon Ending

A rooftop meeting is interrupted.

Just as it looks like you're about to be mobbed, a motorbike pulls up and the rider removes his helmet. At this point, depending on the decisions you took in part 4 of this guide, then the rider will reveal himself to be someone different.

  • If you waited in the corridor for Miho, then the rider is Masaomi.
  • If you offered to help Sadakichi clean his bike, then the rider is Sadakichi.
Red Ribbon Ending Red Ribbon Ending Red Ribbon Ending

More alternate endings.

Miho rides away on the motorbike as the staff credits roll. The lyrics to the song that plays during the credits are displayed along the bottom of the screen, and the game ends.

Red Ribbon Ending Red Ribbon Ending

The ending credits.

When you return to your save file, a gift box wrapped in red ribbon appears.

The Phone Messages

The following are transcripts of the recorded phone messages you would receive if you called the phone numbers in the game. They are currently in Japanese. If you can provide any assistance with translation, please contact NinDB.

Phone No. Message
03-540-0000 ハ~イ!!ミホは今、全国ツアーのまっ最中。ステージの前は少し緊張しちゃうけど、ミホにはツオ~イ味方がいるのです。それは私が大切にしているウサギのマスコット人形なんです。いつも持っていますヨ。