System NES
Developer Nintendo
Genre Volleyball

Videogame version of the popular ball game. Before each game the player can choose the team's gender and which nation they represent out of 8 countries.

The aim is to hit the ball over the net and onto the ground on the side of your opponent's team. The ball can be passed around the court to other members of your team in order to take advantage of weak areas in the defense of the other team. You must also defend against the opponents grounding the ball on your side by moving the players to hit the ball.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan バレーボール Volleyball 21 Jul 1986
US Volleyball Mar 1987
Europe Volleyball 1987


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii Virtual Console 21 Aug 2007 12 Nov 2007 10 Aug 2007
Wii U Virtual Console 12 Mar 2014 20 Mar 2014 08 May 2014

Ports & Remakes

Arcade VS. Volleyball