Pokémon Party Mini

Pokémon Party Mini
System Pokémon Mini
Developer Denyusha
Genre Minigames
Series Pokémon Series

A collection of six minigames, a multiplayer mode and a clock/stopwatch. This game comes packaged with the Pokémon Mini handheld system.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ポケモンパーティミニ Pokémon Party Mini 16 Nov 2001
US Pokémon Party Mini 04 Dec 2001
Europe Pokémon Party Mini 14 Mar 2002

Available Games

Pikachu's Rocket Start

A reaction game where you must press A when the Elekid starts the race in order for Pikachu to win.

Slowking's Judge

Slowking is judging a tennis game. Press A if the ball lands in the court, and B if it lands out of the court.

Chansey's Dribble

Chansey is dribbling a soccer ball up a field. Don't leave the ball behind as you're timed.

Bellossom's Dance

Match the movements of the Bellossoms behind you using the Control Pad, or shake to match the vibration.

Hitmonchan's Boxing

Shake the system as fast as you can to win the boxing match, but stop when the system vibrates.

Sneasel's Fake Out

2-Player game. If you're on offense, press Left or Right to throw a ball, and if you're on defense, press the direction you think the ball is heading.