Golden Sun Series


Set in the fantasy world of Weyard, Golden Sun tells the story of a young group of psynergy adepts as their fates become entwined with the return of Alchemy to the world.

This landmark portable RPG series, developed by Camelot, quickly developed a loyal and vocal fanbase thanks to its strong characters and story connections between all of the games.

Golden Sun Series

Game List

Release System Game Title
01 Aug 2001 GB Advance Golden Sun Ōgon no Taiyō: Hirakareshi Fūin (Japan)
28 Jun 2002 GB Advance Golden Sun: The Lost Age Ōgon no Taiyō: Ushinawa Reshi Jidai (Japan)
28 Oct 2010 Nintendo DS Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Ōgon no Taiyō: Shikkoku Naru Yoake (Japan)