Mii Series


Introduced on the Wii, the Mii is a simple, customisable character who could also be imported into games on the console.

While Mii characters can show up in almost any game, either playable or in the background, some series star the Miis in particular. Some notable Mii characters have also emerged, such as Nikki and Sebastian Toot.

Wii Sports Series

Wii Sports

Release System Game Title
19 Nov 2006 Wii Wii Sports
25 Jun 2009 Wii Wii Sports Resort
30 Oct 2013 Wii U Wii Sports Club

Wii Play

Release System Game Title
02 Dec 2006 Wii Wii Play Hajimateno Wii (Japan)
13 Jun 2011 Wii Wii Play: Motion Wii RemoCon Plus: Variety Pack (Japan)

Wii Fit

Release System Game Title
01 Dec 2007 Wii Wii Fit
01 Oct 2009 Wii Wii Fit Plus
01 Nov 2013 Wii U Wii Fit U

Tomodachi Life

Release System Game Title
18 Jun 2009 Nintendo DS Tomodachi Collection
18 Apr 2013 Nintendo 3DS Tomodachi Life Tomodachi Collection: Shin Seikatsu (Japan)

Wii Party

Release System Game Title
08 Jul 2010 Wii Wii Party
25 Oct 2013 Wii U Wii Party U