Pikmin Series


When you take a world-renowned videogame designer and put him in his garden at weekends, this is the result. Space traveller Captain Olimar crashlands on a supersized planet shrouded in poisonous oxygen, things look pretty hopeless - until he meets the Pikmin.

These plant-animal hybrids carry out Olimar's every command, building bridges, swarming giant wildlife, carrying items, and more. As Nintendo's first shot at a real-time strategy game, Pikmin has been a quickfire hit for its easy to understand controls.

Pikmin Series

Game List

Release System Game Title
26 Oct 2001 GameCube Pikmin
29 Apr 2004 GameCube Pikmin 2
25 Dec 2008 Wii New Play Control! Pikmin Wii de Asobu – Pikmin
12 Mar 2009 Wii New Play Control! Pikmin 2 Wii de Asobu – Pikmin 2
13 Jul 2013 Wii U Pikmin 3
02 Dec 2013 Nintendo 3DS Issho ni Photo: Pikmin
05 Nov 2014 Nintendo 3DS Pikmin Short Movies 3D
05 Nov 2014 Wii U Pikmin Short Movies HD
13 Jul 2017 Nintendo 3DS Hey! Pikmin