Punch-Out!! Series


Punch-Out!! began as an arcade boxing title in the early 80's, and was an instant hit thanks to its large cartoony characters and voiced commentary.

You play as a rookie boxer who has to work his way through the ranks of a tournament by exploiting the weaknesses of his opponents. The first home console version featured Mike Tyson as the final opponent and went on to become one of the system's most iconic games.

Punch-Out!! Series

Game List

Release System Game Title
Dec 1983 Arcade Punch-Out!!
Sep 1984 Arcade Super Punch-Out!!
31 Jul 1984 Game & Watch Boxing Punch-Out!! (Variant)
18 Oct 1987 NES Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
02 Aug 1990 NES Punch-Out!!
Oct 1994 Super NES Super Punch-Out!!
18 May 2009 Wii Punch-Out!!
27 Oct 2009 Wii Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!