Pushmo / Pullblox Series


A mischievous boy has been messing with the Pushmo structures at Pushmo Park, stranding the local children on them somewhere. Up steps Mallo, who must push and pull the colored blocks that make up each structure in order to climb to the top. A simple concept that leads to some mind-bending puzzles.

You can even create your own challenging puzzles and share them with others using QR codes.

Pushmo Series

Game List

Release System Game Title
05 Oct 2011 Nintendo 3DS Pushmo Pullblox (Europe) Hiku Osu (Japan)
22 Feb 2012 Nintendo 3DS Crashmo Fallblox (Europe) Hiku Otsu (Japan)
19 Jun 2014 Wii U Pushmo World Pullblox World (Europe) Hiku Osu World (Japan)
13 May 2015 Nintendo 3DS Stretchmo Fullblox (Europe) Hiku Osu: Hippaland (Japan)