Puzzle League Series


Though it's gone by many names and been fronted by many characters over the years, the core gameplay of Puzzle League has remained the same. Switch two adjacent blocks and try to match three or more of the same color before your stack hits the top.

While the concept is extremely simple, the stringing together of combos provides a layer of expert level play that has made the series extremely popular.

Puzzle League Series

Game List

Release System Game Title
27 Oct 1995 Super NES Panel de Pon
Aug 1996 Super NES Tetris Attack
Aug 1996 Game Boy Tetris Attack Yoshi no Panepon (Japan)
21 Sep 2000 GB Color Pokémon Puzzle Challenge Pokémon de Panepon (Japan)
25 Sep 2000 Nintendo 64 Pokémon Puzzle League
07 Feb 2003 GameCube Nintendo Puzzle Collection
13 Sep 2005 GB Advance Dr. Mario & Puzzle League Dr. Mario & Panel de Pon (Japan)
26 Apr 2007 Nintendo DS Planet Puzzle League Puzzle League DS (Europe) Panel de Pon DS (Japan)
28 Jan 2009 Nintendo DS Puzzle League Express A Little Bit of… Puzzle League (Europe) Chotto Panel de Pon (Japan)