Rhythm Heaven Series


Play through a series of wacky, rhythm-based minigames by tapping in time to the music. Each game has its own rhythm to learn, and you are graded based on how on-beat you were.

At the end of each group of minigames, you will also have to play through a more difficult mix version.

Rhythm Heaven Series

Game List

Release System Game Title
03 Aug 2006 GB Advance Rhythm Tengoku
20 Sep 2007 Arcade Rhythm Tengoku
31 Jul 2008 Nintendo DS Rhythm Heaven Rhythm Paradise (Europe) Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Japan)
21 Jul 2011 Wii Rhythm Heaven Fever Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise (Europe) Minna no Rhythm Tengoku (Japan)
11 Jun 2015 Nintendo 3DS Rhythm Heaven Megamix Rhythm Paradise Megamix (Europe) Rhythm Tengoku: The Best + (Japan)