Star Fox Series


Star Fox was the first 3D polygon videogame for home consoles, something at the time believed to be the preserve of the home computer and arcade markets. The second game was equally groundbreaking, introducing force feedback to videogames in the form of the Rumble Pak.

You control Fox McCloud, accompanied by his Star Fox team of adventurers-for-hire, as they fly through the Lylat System against the forces of the evil Emperor Andross.

Star Fox Series

Game List

Release System Game Title
21 Feb 1993 Super NES Star Fox Starwing (Europe)
27 Apr 1997 Nintendo 64 Star Fox 64 Lylat Wars (Europe)
23 Sep 2002 GameCube Star Fox Adventures
14 Feb 2005 GameCube Star Fox Assault
03 Aug 2006 Nintendo DS Star Fox Command
14 Jul 2011 Nintendo 3DS Star Fox 64 3D
21 Apr 2016 Wii U Star Fox Zero
21 Apr 2016 Wii U Star Fox Guard