Tetris Series


The original Russian falling block game. Stack the shapes to create rows to make them vanish.

Today, the licenses to Tetris are provided by The Tetris Company. Only Tetris games developed by Nintendo will appear on this list.

Tetris Series


Release System Game Title
14 Jun 1989 Game Boy Tetris
Nov 1989 NES Tetris
Dec 1994 Super NES Tetris & Dr. Mario
21 Oct 1998 GB Color Tetris DX
27 Apr 2006 Nintendo DS Tetris DS

Tetris 2 / Tetris Flash

Release System Game Title
21 Sep 1993 NES Tetris 2 Tetris Flash (Japan)
Dec 1993 Game Boy Tetris 2 Tetris Flash (Japan)


Release System Game Title
11 Aug 1997 Nintendo 64 Tetrisphere