System Super Nintendo
Developer Nintendo / Intelligent Systems
Genre Light Gun
Series BattleClash Series

An action game that requires the Super Scope. The governments of the world have fallen, and Earth's cities are controlled by Chiefs who rule in their Standing Tanks (STs).

Mike Anderson watched as Anubis, leader of the Chiefs, murdered his father in order to take over the world. Now with his own ST Falcon, and you as his gunner, Mike aims to depose Anubis and end his despotic rule.

The screen scrolls to follow the movements of the enemy STs, and you have to find and shoot its weak point by aiming and firing the Super Scope, while also defending against their weapons. The main gun has rapid-fire and charge shots. Defeat STs to earn new weapons for the next battle.

Release Information

Region Name Release
US BattleClash Oct 1992
Europe BattleClash Mar 1993
Japan スーパースコープ スペースバズーカ Super Scope: Space Bazooka 21 Jun 1993