Kirby's Dream Land 3

Kirby's Dream Land 3
System Super Nintendo
Developer HAL Laboratory
Genre Platformer
Series Kirby Series

The alien being Dark Matter has enveloped the planet Popstar. Only Kirby can save the day, with the help of his animal friends.

Kirby can fly, suck in his enemies and absorb their abilities, giving him extra attacks. You can call on your friend Gooey to help you, splitting your life bar.

Each stage has a heart star to earn by helping out the character waiting at the end of the stage. You may have to clear certain enemies or solve puzzles to earn them, and every one is required to face the true final boss.

Release Information

Region Name Release
US Kirby's Dream Land 3 Nov 1997
Japan 星のカービィ3 Hoshi no Kirby 3 27 Mar 1998


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii Virtual Console 28 Apr 2009 05 Jan 2009 24 Jul 2009
Wii U Virtual Console 08 May 2013 23 May 2013 25 Jul 2013

Also available to play in:

Wii Kirby's Dream Collection – Special Edition


Heart Star Guest Appearances

Goku & Chao

Goku & Chao

At the end of Grassland L4 you will find Chao, the heroine from Famicom Disk System adventure game Famicom Fairytales: Yuuyuuki.

To earn her Heart Star you have to use the Rock ability earlier in the level to break through to the fire miniboss Boboo. After defeating Boboo you meet Goku, the monkey hero of Yuuyuuki. When you reach Chao this time, Goku will have joined her and you get the Heart Star.

Donbe & Hikari

Donbe & Hikari

At the end of Sand Canyon L4 is Hikari, the heroine from Famicom Disk System adventure game Famicom Fairytales: Shin Onigashima.

To earn her Heart Star you must take follow the route Bottom-Top-Middle in the scrolling underwater section. Defeat Haboki, the broom miniboss, and you meet Donbe, the hero of Shin Onigashima. When you reach Hikari this time, Donbe will have joined her and you get the Heart Star.

R.O.B. & Professor Hector

R.O.B. & Professor Hector

At the end of Sand Canyon L6 is Professor Hector, hero of the R.O.B. Series games, Stack-Up and Gyromite.

To earn his Heart Star you must use Kirby, Kine and Coo's powers to collect all the pieces of R.O.B. scattered around the stage. After finding all the pieces and getting to the end, R.O.B. appears next to Hector and you get the Heart Star.

Samus & Metroids

Samus & Metroids

At the end of Iceberg L2 is Samus Aran, the heroine of the Metroid series.

To earn her Heart Star, collect the Ice power before you enter the volcano and defeat all of the Metroids that you find hidden in each room. After defeating them all and reaching the end of the stage, Samus removes her helmet and awards you with her Heart Star.

Submitted by Fryguy64



The miniboss, Blocky, originally appeared as an enemy in HAL's Adventures of Lolo series.

Submitted by Parrothead

Nintendo 16

Screenshot Required

From the Options menu, you can select the Boss Butch game. Above the title of Boss Butch are the words "Nintendo 16", written in the style of the Nintendo 64 logo.

Submitted by YoungLink

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