Mario's Super Picross

Mario's Super Picross
System Super Nintendo
Developer Jupiter
Genre Puzzle
Series Super Mario Series / Picross Series

A picture crossword puzzle game starring Mario and Wario. You are presented with a grid with numbers along each row and column. The numbers represent solid lines that must be filled in, Multiple numbers mean solid lines must be separated by at least one space.

In the Mario's Picross stages you receive a time penalty for making a mistake. In the Wario's Picross stages you receive no penalties or notification for making errors.

There are over 300 puzzles to play in total, with more stages unlocked as you clear them.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan マリオのスーパーピクロス Mario no Super Picross 14 Sep 1995


System Japan U.S. Europe
Nintendo Power (SFC) 30 Sep 1997 - -
Wii Virtual Console 19 Dec 2006 - 14 Sep 2007
Wii U Virtual Console 27 Apr 2013 - 27 Apr 2013