System Super Nintendo
Developer Nintendo
Genre Flight Simulation
Series Pilotwings Series

Welcome to the Pilotwings Flight Academy. You are a new recruit, whose aim is to qualify through the ranks by taking part in a series of aerial missions. Master using the biplane, parachute, hang glider and rocket pack.

Your score in each mission often depends on flying the correct course through rings or balls and making a safe landing. You may also receive bonus points for the accuracy of your landing, and the amount of time or fuel remaining.

As well as the main missions, you can also take part in several bonus missions, including Birdman, Penguin and Helicopter Combat, putting the skills you have learned to the ultimate test.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan パイロットウイングス Pilotwings 21 Nov 1990
US Pilotwings Aug 1991
Europe Pilotwings Jan 1993


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii Virtual Console 06 Apr 2010 28 Dec 2009 21 Aug 2009
Wii U Virtual Console 29 May 2013 04 Jul 2013 04 Jul 2013
New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console - 03 Mar 2016 -