Sutte Hakkun

Sutte Hakkun
System Super Famicom
Developer Nintendo, Indieszero
Genre Action / Puzzle

On the Peaceful Islands, the Rainbow of Happiness has broken apart. It's up to Hakkun, a colorless blob with a needle-nose, to put the Rainbow of Happiness back together.

Hakkun can use his nose to suck up blocks and move them around the stage. He can also suck up paint and inject it into the blocks to make them move. The three colors of paint make the blocks move in different directions. Reach the crystal to clear each stage.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan すってはっくん Sutte Hakkun 01 Aug 1998


System Japan U.S. Europe
Cartridge Version (SFC) 25 Jun 1999 - -
Wii Virtual Console 02 Mar 2010 - -
Wii U Virtual Console 04 Feb 2015 - -