Art Style: Rotozoa

Art Style: Rotozoa
System Wii (WiiWare)
Developer Skip
Genre Action / Puzzle
Genre Art Style / bit Generations Series

You control a tentacled microscopic organism called a Rotozoan as it swims around in the primordial ooze. The aim is to absorb other organisms (Goobugs) through the tentacle of the same colour so that the tentacle will grow. When your tentacles reach a certain length you clear the stage.

As your tentacles grow, it becomes more difficult to avoid the Goobugs. Touching the wrong coloured Goobug will shrink the tentacle that touched it and also deplete the Rotozoan's life force. Hearts can be used to restore the life force and a cyclone power-up gives you a special attack.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Europe Art Style: PENTA TENTACLES 28 May 2010
US Art Style: Rotozoa 21 Jun 2010
Japan Art Style: PENTA TENTACLES 18 Oct 2011