Endless Ocean: Blue World

Endless Ocean: Blue World
System Wii
Developer Nintendo
Genre Arika
Series Endless Ocean Series

The sequel to 2007's Endless Ocean expands the scuba diving experience from one large area to six different diving spots around the world, including polar and river locations, as you investigate the legend of the Song of Dragons.

Your aim is simply to dive into the ocean, explore and take photos of new and unusual underwater creatures. The photos you take can be saved to the SD Card. Treasure can be salvaged and sold for money in order to purchase new equipment, or decorations for reefs and aquariums.

The game can be played over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in co-operative multiplayer, with communication possible using the Wii Speak.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan FOREVER BLUE 海の呼び声 Forever Blue: Umino Yobigoe 17 Sep 2009
Europe Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep 05 Feb 2010
US Endless Ocean: Blue World 22 Feb 2010