Maboshi's Arcade

Maboshi's Arcade
System Wii (WiiWare)
Developer Mindware Corp.
Genre Action / Puzzle

A puzzle game developed by Mindware Corp. and released on the WiiWare download service.

The Ma, Bo and Shi of the game's title refer to the circle, bar and square games that are shown side-by-side. The player can either take part in each game separately, or three players can compete in each of the different games.

The aim of the game is to score one million points across the three games.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Europe MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade 29 Aug 2008
Japan カタチのゲーム まるぼうしか Katachi no Game: Maru Bou Shika 07 Oct 2008
US Maboshi's Arcade 29 Dec 2008

Ports & Remakes

DSiWare Flametail (Remake of 'Square' game)

The Games


The player controls a spinning circle that must be moved around to collide enemies before they leave the game area.


The player controls a rotating stick that has to be maneuvered through a level. The center of the stick is weak and if it collides with an obstacle or enemy then the game ends.


The player controls a block with a tail of fire behind it, destroying obstacles with the tail before they touch the bottom of the screen.