Mario Super Sluggers

Mario Super Sluggers
System Wii
Developer Bandai Namco Games / Nowproduction
Genre Sport (Baseball)
Series Super Mario Series

A baseball game starring Mario and friends. Bowser Jr. is taking over all of the ball parks in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario recruits the other baseball captains (Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario and Peach) to defeat Bowser Jr.'s minions, recruit other team players and complete missions.

You can use the Wii Remote for batting and pitching, or you can use the Wii Remote + Nunchuk or Wii Remote held sideways like a standard control pad for a more classic videogame control scheme.

Each stadium has a shop where the player can buy various items, including bats, gloves and other power-ups.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan スーパーマリオスタジアム ファミリーベースボール Super Mario Stadium: Family Baseball 19 Jun 2008
US Mario Super Sluggers 25 Aug 2008