System Wii
Developer Next Level Games
Genre Sport (Boxing)
Series Punch-Out!! Series

Rookie boxer Little Mac has to work his way up through the World Video Boxing Association. Each of your opponents each has a unique attack pattern. You have to react by blocking, dodging or counter-attacking, changing your strategy for each boxer.

By successfully countering attacks, you earn Stars. If Mac is hit then he loses any Stars he has earned, but once he has three Stars you can unleash a powerful Star Uppercut.

As well as using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, allowing you to throw punches with each arm, you have the option to use the Wii Balance Board to duck and dodge.

Release Information

Region Name Release
US Punch-Out!! 18 May 2009
Europe Punch-Out!! 22 May 2009
Japan パンチアウト!! Punch-Out!! 23 Jul 2009


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii U Download 24 Jun 2015 22 Jan 2015 12 Mar 2015


Hippo's Underwear

King Hippo's underwear

When you hit King Hippo in the face, he drops his shorts to reveal underwear with a Starman design from the Mario series. Limited edition real life copies of the underwear were made available to promote the game.

Submitted by MEGAߥTE

Doc Louis' Quotes

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Disco Kid

"Whoa, son! This kid is quick! Your blocks ain't gonna defend his new Disco Flurry. Watch out, and get out of the way at the right time!"

Disco Kid is the only all-original fighter in Punch-Out!! Wii, however hackers have discovered that his data is stored in a file on the disc named "kidquick". Kid Quick was a character in the original arcade Punch-Out!!, and Disco Kid shares his stats.

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Club Nintendo

"Join the Nintendo Fun- I- I mean Club Nintendo today, Mac!"

In the NES Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, Doc Louis would suggest you join the Nintendo Fun Club, a precursor to Nintendo Power magazine. Today, Club Nintendo is an online rewards system where you register games you buy and trade stars/coins for gifts. One of these gifts is a WiiWare title called Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! where you fight the man himself.

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Bald Bull

"Hey, Mac baby! If you can't beat Bald Bull in a fight... how about an arm wrestle? Ha ha ha!

This is a reference to Bald Bull's cameo appearance in arcade game Arm Wrestling as Mask X.

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Brain Age

"Don't worry son, we all know his Brain Age."

Said during a multiplayer fight against Giga Mac, referencing Nintendo DS title Brain Age.

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"Call a plumber!"

Said during the fight against Donkey Kong, referring to Mario, who fought against Donkey Kong in the original Donkey Kong arcade game.

Submitted by Leon, regiwi, Da Robot, Dasher Misire, YoungLink

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong makes a number of appearances in the game:

Background Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong in the background

A silhouette of Donkey Kong appears in the crowd in the background.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Fight

After you clear both Career Mode and Title Defense Mode, you face one final challenger: Donkey Kong. He is referred to as "The King of Swing!" "The Leader of the DK Krew!" and "Jumpman's Bane!" (this last one referring to Mario's original name in the Japanese release of Donkey Kong arcade).

Quite a few of Donkey Kong's moves and poses seem to be based on other games he has appeared in - particularly Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat.

Submitted by Koopaul, The Qu, Dasher Misire, Fryguy64

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