Snowpack Park

Snowpack Park
System Wii
Developer Skip
Genre Simulation

You head out to Snowpack Park to spend time with the penguins, but a storm has scattered them across the nearby islands. It's up to you to travel to each island, befriend the penguins and bring them back home.

Care for the penguins by feeding them, petting them and playing minigames. This earns Friend Points which can be used to buy balloons, opening up access to other islands.

As well as gathering more penguins, you have to care for the penguins you have already brought back to the park, or they will leave.

Release Information

Region Name Release
US Snowpack Park 22 Nov 2010
Japan ペンギン生活 Penguin Seikatsu 21 Dec 2010



Screenshot Required

During the game you can find hats to put on your penguins. These include a number of Nintendo and Skip cameos:

Submitted by YoungLink, Leon

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