Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy
System Wii
Developer Nintendo
Genre Platformer
Series Super Mario Series

At the Star Festival, held in the Mushroom Kingdom every 100 years, Bowser steals Peach's Castle with his airships and UFOs and escapes to the center of the universe.

Mario tries to follow, but falls and wakes up on a small planet where he meets Rosalina, pilot of the Comet Observatory. Mario must recover the Power Stars stolen by Bowser so the observatory can reach Bowser's hideout. There are 42 Galaxies to visit and 120 Power Stars to collect.

Mario can now perform a spin to attack enemies and activate Launch Stars. His new power-ups include the ability to transform into a Bee, Boo or a Spring to reach new areas.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan スーパーマリオギャラクシー Super Mario Galaxy 01 Nov 2007
US Super Mario Galaxy 12 Nov 2007
Europe Super Mario Galaxy 16 Nov 2007


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii U Virtual Console 31 May 2015 24 Dec 2015 04 Feb 2016


Toy Time Galaxy

Screenshot Required

In the Toy Time Galaxy, you can see an 8-bit Mario sprite from Super Mario Bros. in the background. This sprite is actually part of the stage, and you have to run around on it for the second Power Star.

The Purple Coin challenge takes place on the reverse side of the sprite, which is coloured as Luigi.

Submitted by Smashchu

Space Junk Yoshi Planet

Screenshot Required

In the Space Junk Galaxy, feed the Hungry Luma and it transforms into a planet in the shape of Yoshi's head.

Submitted by Wildcat

Luigi's Mansion

Screenshot Required

When you first meet Luigi, he is cowering in a haunted mansion in the Ghostly Galaxy. This references the game Luigi's Mansion, where Luigi wins a haunted mansion and has to rescue Mario from inside.

Submitted by Smashchu

Music Notes

Screenshot Required

When you activate the rainbow colored musical notes, quickly collect them all before they disappear. There are three tunes that play as you collect them:

Submitted by Smashchu

Buoy Base Galaxy

Screenshot Required

The Buoy Base Galaxy is a red and white ball that resembles the Poké Ball from the Pokémon series.

However, it is also worth noting that both the Buoy Base Galaxy and the Poké Ball appear to be based on designs for buoys and fishing lures, which are often red, white and round.

Submitted by Wildcat, Dry Mario, Fryguy64

Hokotate Ship

Screenshot Required

In the Space Junk Galaxy you come across an old, beat-up rocketship. It appears to be based on the design of Captain Olimar's Hokotate ship from Pikmin 2.

Submitted by Kirbychu, TV Eye

Red Shell

Screenshot Required

The Red Shell item homes in on the nearest enemy when thrown. This homing effect has been borrowed from Super Mario Kart and the later Mario Kart games.

Submitted by Teisama

FLUDD Nozzles

Screenshot Required

Throughout the game, nozzles that shoot fire and bubbles appear. These nozzles are based on FLUDD, the water pump from Super Mario Sunshine.

Submitted by TV Eye, Kirbychu

Red Star

Screenshot Required

When Mario collects the Red Star, his colour scheme changes to black and red, copying the colour scheme of Mario's sprite in Super Mario Bros. 3, the first game where he could fly.

Submitted by Spud, Arcadenik

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