Wii Play: Motion

Wii Play: Motion
System Wii
Developer Nintendo, Arzest, Good-Feel, Skip, Chunsoft, Vanpool, Prope, Mitchell
Genre Party, Minigames
Series Wii Play Series

A collection of 12 new minigames from 8 developers, each requiring the more accurate motion controls of the Wii Remote Plus or Wii MotionPlus.

Whether stacking ice cream, racing down a windy street with umbrella, skipping stones, using a leaf to move balloons through obstacles or building a space station, every game can be played in single player or multiplayer for up to four players.

Nintendo approached the other developers and asked them to produce prototypes for the Wii Remote Plus. They then picked the best games from the prototypes to appear in the collection.

Release Information

Region Name Release
US Wii Play: Motion 13 Jun 2011
Europe Wii Play: Motion 24 Jun 2011
Japan Wiiリモコンプラス バラエティパック Wii RemoCon Plus: Variety Pack 07 Jul 2011