Game & Wario

Game & Wario
System Wii U
Developer Nintendo
Genre Minigames
Series Super Mario Series

The WarioWare crew returns, but rather than microgames, they are taking part in full minigames that make use of the Wii U Game Pad.

There are 12 single-player and 4 multiplayer minigames available. You earn tokens in each game that you can spend in the Cluck-a-Pop capsule machine to unlock toys and games.

Release Information

Region Name Disk Download
Japan ゲーム&ワリオ Game & Wario 28 Mar 2013 28 Mar 2013
US Game & Wario 23 Jun 2013 23 Jun 2013
Europe Game & Wario 28 Jun 2013 28 Jun 2013