Nintendo started their long path into technology-driven consumer entertainment in 1973 with the opening of the first light-gun shooting range. The venture was a success, and over the next few years Nintendo worked on a number of arcade light-gun games as well as home consumer electronics (the Color TV Game systems). Nintendo released their first sprite-based arcade game in 1978, but they didn't see major gains from the medium until 1981 with the release of Donkey Kong. The game changed Nintendo's fortunes drastically, giving the company a foot into the US market as well as a selection of marketable characters. With the success of their home consoles and handhelds, Nintendo has released no more than a handful of arcade games since 1990.


Mechanical Coin-Op Games

Release Game Title
1973 Laser Clay Shooting
1975 EVR Race
1976 Wild Gunman
1976 Shooting Trainer
1976 Sky Hawk
1977 Battle Shark
1978 Test Driver

VS. Multisystem Arcade Games

Release Game Title
1984 VS. Balloon Fight
1984 VS. Baseball
1984 VS. Clu Clu Land
1984 VS. Duck Hunt
1984 VS. Excitebike
1984 VS. Hogan's Alley
1984 VS. Mahjong
1984 VS. Pinball
1984 VS. Stroke & Match Golf
1984 VS. Tennis
1984 VS. Urban Champion
1984 VS. Wild Gunman
1984 VS. Wrecking Crew
1985 VS. Ice Climber
1985 VS. Ladies Golf
1985 VS. Mach Rider
1985 VS. Soccer
1986 VS. Super Mario Bros.
1986 VS. Volleyball
1987 VS. Gumshoe
1990 VS. Dr. Mario

Modern Arcade Games

Release Game Title
2003 F-Zero AX
2003 Super Mario Fushigi no Janjan Land
2004 Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party
2005 Donkey Kong: Jungle Fever
2005 Mario Kart Arcade GP
2005 Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party 2
2006 Donkey Kong: Banana Kingdom
2006 Mario Kart Arcade GP2
2007 Rhythm Tengoku
2013 Mario Kart Arcade GP DX