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NinDB was founded in 2001 with the aim of collecting information and trivia on every first party Nintendo game in the world.

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Fancy seeing you here!

12th April 2023

Hello folks! Fryguy64 here, occasionally feeding the NinDB beast. I hope you're all keeping well. I'm continuing a rollout of layout changes that I started back in 2019. They're mostly structural changes, but if I make any significant alterations I will let you know.

For example, I finally added the sneaky appearance of Kazumi Totaka's Song in Mario Kart 8 to the guide and fixed the sound clips. I also updated the list of classic Nintendo toys.

And while it's already out of date, there is a Nintendo Switch section you may have missed when I added it back in 2019.

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Game List Updates

28th March 2016

Hey everybody! I haven't forgotten about you completely. In fact, I've just updated all of the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS game lists and Virtual Console lists. I hope you're enjoying playing EarthBound on the move!

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Game Encyclopedias & Secrets

22nd March 2015

Ages ago, I started putting up information on characters, enemies, bosses and items for a bunch of NES games. I always wanted to continue adding more information like this, so I have spent a chunk of this weekend putting up a ton of "encyclopedia" information on a few NES games. I have also made a start putting up a few secrets pages. More of these will be coming soon!

Check out the following NES game pages for the updated information: