Classic Nintendo Toys


Nintendo first moved into the children's entertainment business in 1966 when the company president Hiroshi Yamauchi discovered one of his engineers, Gunpei Yokoi, created toys as a hobby. The first of these, the Ultra Hand, was developed and marketed by Nintendo and became one of the biggest-selling toys in Japan for several years. In that time, Nintendo was the first Japanese toy manufacturer to use electrical components, they created the light gun (based on their Laser Clay Shooting ranges) and they were the official Japanese distributor of the popular game Twister.

Nintendo continued working in the toy market up until the early 1980's, when their success with videogames shifted their concentration to a largely untapped marketplace.

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List of Classic Nintendo Toys

Name JP Release
Computer Mahjong Yakuman 1981
Ten Billion 1981
Chiritorie 1979
Jet Launcher 1974
Mach Rider 1973
Power Lift 1973
Lefty RX 1972
Miracle Trump 1972
Light Telephone LT 1971
Candy Machine 1970
Eleconga 1970
Love Tester 1969
N&B Block 1969
Ultra Scope 1969
Light Gun SP Series 1968
People House 1968
Ultra Machine 1968
Drive Game 1966
Ultra Hand 1966