Game & Watch

It was Gunpei Yokoi who first came up with the idea of producing LCD games that would fit onto a unit around the size of a pocket calculator. The Game & Watch titles could run on a single watch battery, and not only told the time, but also provided simple-yet-addictive gaming challenges.

The Game & Watch games were a runaway success the world over, with many titles selling over a million copies. Sixty Game & Watch games were released over ten years (though some were doubles of earlier games). There were also Game & Watch renditions of Donkey Kong, Mario, and Zelda, each complimenting their NES counterparts. Nowadays the Game & Watch systems are highly collectable, some fetching hundreds of pounds on auction sites.

Game & Watch

Game & Watch 'Silver' Series

Release Game Title
28 Apr 1980 Ball
05 Jun 1980 Flagman
10 Jul 1980 Vermin
31 Jul 1980 Fire
04 Oct 1980 Judge

Game & Watch 'Gold' Series

Release Game Title
29 Jan 1981 Manhole
21 Feb 1981 Helmet
29 Apr 1981 Lion

Special Edition Game & Watch Titles

Release Game Title
19 Aug 1987 Super Mario Bros. (Diskun Edition)