Brain Age: Concentration Training

Brain Age: Concentration Training
System Nintendo 3DS
Developer Nintendo
Genre Education
Series Brain Age Series

In a world filled with distractions, are you still able to concentrate? Dr. Kawashima returns to find out by testing your focus and concentration in a new series of devillish brain teasers.

Tests require you to focus on a solution while being fed other information. You have to hone your ability to concetrate on the problem at hand and not get distracted.

There are 30 exercises and minigames to play. A selection is available each day so you can chart your progress on your calender and even share your daily results with other players through StreetPass..

Release Information

Region Name Game Card Download
Japan 川島隆太教授監修 ものすごく脳を鍛え Monosugoku Nō o Kitaeru 5-Funkan no Oni Training 28 Jul 2012 28 Jul 2012
US Brain Age: Concentration Training 10 Feb 2013 10 Feb 2013