Ketzal's Corridors

Ketzal's Corridors
System Nintendo 3DS (Download)
Developer Keys Factory
Genre Action / Puzzle
Series ThruSpace Series

In ancient times, the great God Anatous created a giant temple, but an evil God known as Bukko Wass stole Anatous's heart. The three guardian animals of Anatous, the Mamorigami, set out to reclaim the God's hearts.

The Mamorigami are stone animals made up of blocks. Turn and rotate them in three dimensions so they fit through the gaps, collecting hearts as you go.

As well as the main Story mode, you can also play Silhouette Mode, where you have to match the shapes to a succession of holes as quickly as you can. Race alone for the best time, or against another player.

Release Information

Region Name Download
Japan 疾走すりぬけ アナトウス Shissō Surinuke Anatōs 21 Oct 2011
Europe SpeedThru: Potzol's Puzzle 05 Apr 2012
US Ketzal's Corridors 12 Aug 2012