Mario Tennis Open

Mario Tennis Open
System Nintendo 3DS
Developer Camelot
Genre Tennis
Series Super Mario Series

Mario and friends take to the courts. Play in singles or double matches and earn Coins with which to buy Gear. Play exhibition matches or tournaments, or take the game online to play against friends.

As well as up to 24 playable characters, you can also select a customizable Mii whose skills are determined by the Gear they have equipped.

You can unlock additional characters and outfits by completing objectives and taking part in special tennis minigames, or by scanning special QR codes.

Release Information

Region Name Game Card Download
US Mario Tennis Open 20 May 2012 20 Dec 2012
Japan マリオテニス オープン Mario Tennis Open 24 May 2012 01 Nov 2012
Europe Mario Tennis Open 25 May 2012 18 Oct 2012