Steel Diver

Steel Diver
System Nintendo 3DS
Developer Nintendo, Vitei
Genre Action / Simulation
Series Steel Diver Series

Enemy ships have been spotted on the horizon, and it's up to the Steel Divers, an elite fleet of strike submarines, to take them out.

During missions, you view the action from a side-view perspective and control the submarine using the levers and dials on the touch screen. Don't take too much damage or run out of air, or else the game ends.

In Periscope Strike, you view the action from a first-person perspective as you torpedo enemy submarines and ships within a time limit.

Steel Commander is a turn-based strategy title where you engage with enemies on a grid and then take them out using the periscope view.

Release Information

Region Name Game Card
US Steel Diver 27 Mar 2011
Europe Steel Diver 06 May 2011
Japan スティールダイバー Steel Diver 12 May 2011