100 Classic Books

100 Classic Books
System Nintendo DS
Developer Genius Sonority
Genre Reference
Series Classic Books Series

You are presented with a shelf of 100 books. Scroll along the bookshelf and select the book you want to read. Alternatively, you can use the sort and search functions, or answer a few questions to have books recommended for you.

Hold the DS like a book, and turn pages by swiping across the touch screen. By tapping the top you can view a menu which allows you to select a bookmark or set background music or ambient sounds.

Upon completing a book, you are asked to rate the book out of 10 and to choose a word that best describes it. This "review" is uploaded when you access the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan DS文学全集 DS Bungaku Zenshū 18 Oct 2007
Europe 100 Classic Book Collection 26 Dec 2008
US 100 Classic Books 15 Jun 2010