Art Style: BASE 10

Art Style: BASE 10
System Nintendo DS (DSiWare)
Developer Skip
Genre Puzzle
Series Art Style / bit Generations Series

A math game where your aim is to line up the numbers to create a line that adds up to 10. However, dragging your stylus over the digital-style numbers swaps it with the one next to it, and flips the number to become a mirror image, (so a 2 becomes a 5 if flipped horizontally). If a number is flipped to something unrecognisable, it greys out until flipped back to being a recognisable number..

You have to clear the numbers to clear each stage, while more numbers drop into play with increasing speed. As you progress through the stages, more numbers are added into the game.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan Art Style: DECODE 24 Dec 2008
Europe Art Style: CODE 03 Apr 2009
US Art Style: BASE 10 06 Jul 2009