Fossil Fighters

Fossil Fighters
System Nintendo DS
Developer Nintendo, Red Entertainment
Genre RPG
Series Fossil Fighters Series

On Vivosaur Island, it is possible to revive fossils of the ancient Vivosaurs. Fossil Fighters then battle their Vivosaurs against each other to gain ranks, allowing them access to new areas of the island.

As a young newcomer to Vivosaur Island, you must find a fossil, remove the rock and debris using a hammer and drill, and finally revive your Vivosaur in the Lab. Once it's alive, you must learn how to battle with your revived Vivosaur.

Meanwhile, the BB Bandits are causing trouble for the indigenous tribes and other Fossil Fighters. Find more Vivosaurs and become stronger if you are to stop the Bandits and become the best Fossil Fighter on Vivosaur Island.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ぼくらはカセキホリダー Bokuraha Kaseki Horidā 17 Apr 2008
US Fossil Fighters 10 Aug 2009