Kurikin: Nano Island Story

Kurikin: Nano Island Story
System Nintendo DS
Developer MediaKite
Genre Action / RPG

You are a student at the Nano Academy, which can be found on Nano Island, home to over 100 species of bacteria.

You have to harvest the bacteria from around the island and use them to battle other bacteria. There are 24 chapters, each giving you a mission to complete before you can progress..

Use the touch screen to draw circles around the group of bacteria you want to move, then send them in one direction to fight. You can also disperse them by blowing on the microphone, giving them room to divide and increase in number. You either have to destroy your opponent's bacteria or have a larger group than your opponent by the end.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan くりきん ナノアイランドストーリー Kurikin: Nano Island Story 24 May 2007