Metal Torrent

Metal Torrent
System Nintendo DS (DSiWare)
Developer Arika
Genre Shoot-em-Up

A vertically scrolling "Bullet Hell" shooter. You choose between the Red Orion and Blue Nova (Easy and Hard modes, respectively), and shoot your way through 8 stages of enemy ships, collecting the cubes that fall when you destroy an enemy for power-ups and health and aiming for the high score.

The Red Orion takes very little damage and has an impressive spread gun, while the Blue Orion had a vertical laser and dies with a single hit, providing for a much higher challenge.

Your high scores with each ship can be uploaded to online leaderboards through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan あぁ無情 刹那 Ā! Mujō Setsuna 02 Sep 2009
Europe Metal Torrent 07 May 2010
US Metal Torrent 24 May 2010