Pocket Rurubu

Pocket Rurubu
System Nintendo DS (DSiWare)
Developer Nintendo, JTB Publishing
Genre Reference

A sightseeing travel guide and diary, with information from the Japanese Rurubu travel guides. Each edition contains landmarks and maps of different regions and cities of Japan and provides a trip planner and suggestions.

You can take photos and make notes during your trip and append them to the maps, and then play them back as a slideshow whenever you want.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ポケットるるぶ京都 Pocket Rurubu: Kyoto 27 May 2009
Japan ポケットるるぶ東京 Pocket Rurubu: Tokyo 27 May 2009
Japan ポケットるるぶ北海道 Pocket Rurubu: Hokkaido 29 Jul 2009
Japan ポケットるるぶ沖縄 Pocket Rurubu: Okinawa 29 Jul 2009
Japan ポケットるるぶ大阪 Pocket Rurubu: Osaka 21 Oct 2009
Japan ポケットるるぶ横浜鎌倉 Pocket Rurubu: Yokohama Kamakura 21 Oct 2009
Japan ポケットるるぶ神戸 Pocket Rurubu: Kobe 24 Dec 2009
Japan ポケットるるぶ名古屋 Pocket Rurubu: Nagoya 24 Dec 2009
Japan ポケットるるぶ伊豆箱根 Pocket Rurubu: Izu Hakone 24 Feb 2010
Japan ポケットるるぶ信州 Pocket Rurubu: Shinshū 24 Feb 2010